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InstaNational DataDetekt Criminal Search

Our National Criminal Search instantly compiles and delivers comprehensive data about your applicant from various proprietary databases nationwide, including but not limited to:

Statewide Criminal Databases

State Sex Offender Registries

County Courts

This broad-scope, multi-state national criminal coverage check must be confirmed at the county level if any possible offenses appear before any adverse action is taken. Our database is updated weekly or monthly, depending on the reporting jurisdiction. *Please note that this is a comprehensive national search and is generally used alongside DataDetekt’s other screening products to ensure a thorough pre-employment background check.

DataDetekt Social Trace Verification

Our Social Trace Verification product verifies the applicant's basic information such as name, date of birth, previous addresses, possible aliases, and Social Security Number. This product, combined with our InstaNational Criminal Search, helps ensure that the applicant's information is accurate and complete, revealing any undisclosed residential addresses where criminal activities might have occurred.

DataDetekt Direct County Criminal Search

We access court records directly from county courthouses, providing detailed information on felony and misdemeanor charges, verdicts, sentencing, and arrest dates. Reporting timeframes typically cover 7 years but may vary based on county, state, and industry regulations. This search is often used alongside our Social Trace Verification, with a turnaround time of 1-2 days.

DataDetekt Statewide Criminal Record Search

Our Statewide Criminal Record Search pulls possible felony and misdemeanor convictions from multiple state sources. Access varies by state, with some requiring written authorization.

DataDetekt Federal Criminal Record Search

Our Federal Criminal Record Search retrieves data from Federal District Courts, covering crimes such as internet fraud, tax evasion, embezzlement, interstate drug trafficking, and more. Federal crimes either occur on federal property or violate federal laws.

DataDetekt Registered Sex Offender Search

This search includes statewide registered sex offender databases and the National Sex Offender Public Database, screening applicants for convictions of sexually related offenses against children and adults.

DataDetekt International Background Search

Our International Criminal Record Search is available in over 200 countries. Contact us by phone or email for pricing, search areas, and turnaround times.

DataDetekt Motor Vehicle Report/Driving History Report

This statewide search pulls a 3 to 7-year driving history report from the applicant’s state of issuance, covering traffic violations, driving-related offenses, endorsements, license type, and any restrictions, suspensions, or revocations.

DataDetekt Commercial Drivers License Information System (CDLIS) Search

Our CDLIS Search verifies the driver's license number and current state, checks up to 3 prior CDLs, and identifies if additional Motor Vehicle Reports are needed. This search is auto-ordered and verifies the current status of the driver’s CDL.

DataDetekt Drug Screening

Applicants can select from our nationwide network of laboratories and collection sites. Our drug tests typically include 5 or 10 panels, customizable to meet specific industry and job criteria. We offer electronic scheduling and onsite testing upon request.

DataDetekt Employment Verification

We confirm the applicant’s employment history, comparing supplied information with verified details such as positions held, employment dates, salary, and rehire status.

DataDetekt Education Verification

Our service verifies educational credentials, including institution name, degree received, attendance dates, and major, ensuring the accuracy of the applicant’s education history.

DataDetekt Licensing and Professional Certification Verification

We verify all necessary professional certifications and licenses required for specific industries and occupations, including those for healthcare professionals, social workers, teachers, accountants, attorneys, and more.

DataDetekt Employment Credit Report

Our Employment Credit Report verifies an applicant’s credit history, including prior addresses, current/past employment, past due amounts, loans, credit accounts, collection items, foreclosures, and bankruptcies. This report is used for job-related purposes and does not provide a credit score.

DataDetekt Worker’s Compensation History Search

This statewide search, available in most states, provides details on workplace injuries, including location, date of injury, time lost, employer, case status, and body part injured. This search is conducted post-offer.

DataDetekt OIG/SAM Exclusion Search

Our OIG/SAM Exclusion Search identifies individuals and entities excluded from federal healthcare programs, checking US Department of Human Services and GSA databases for acts such as Medicare fraud and patient abuse.

DataDetekt Fraud & Abuse Control Information System (FACIS®) Search

This search identifies disciplinary actions in the medical field, checking federal and state databases for debarments, sanctions, reprimands, and probations. We offer continuous monitoring for healthcare organizations.

DataDetekt Form I-9 & E-Verify Services

Contact our sales department for details on our I-9 and E-Verify services.

DataDetekt Post-Hire Monitoring Services

We offer continuous monitoring of employees throughout their employment, including professional licensing, motor vehicle reports, and ongoing criminal monitoring.

DataDetekt Occupational Health Screening

Our Occupational Health Screening services provide employers with vital health assessments to ensure employees are fit for their roles. Services include physical exams, vision and hearing tests, respiratory evaluations, and other job-specific health assessments. We offer convenient scheduling and onsite services.

We specialize in tenant, volunteer, and employment background screening, and fingerprinting services.

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